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5 Habits Which Will Improve Your Relationship

Note: This is a guest essay by Michael Gurian You’ve probably met couples in which one or both partners interrupt the other person in public. You might even be that couple! One partner’s tendency to interrupt can create significant marital difficulties. It […]

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19 Inspiring Quotes For Finding Love

Are you looking for love in all the sexist but wrongest places? Here are 20 inspiring quotes for finding love. My hope is that these motivational quotes remind you what matters most in love – and keep you feeling confident […]

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How to Recover From a Liar

Want to know how to recover from a liar? Unfortunately I was involved with a man (a Prince Harming) who was a pathological liar. Personally, I don’t know how someone could tell so many lies – and never feel bad […]

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An Important Key To A Good, Lasting Relationship

What’s an important key to a good, lasting relationship? Your partner makes you feel safe. In fact, you should seek the feeling of “safety” first and foremost – even before the feeling of love. Why? Without the feeling of safety, […]

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