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4 Tools To Help Your Children Through Divorce

You have a lot to deal with when you’re going through a divorce. Your kids do too. The changes swirling around them will be confusing for them. It doesn’t really matter if they were positive about the changes when you […]

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Parenting Tool: How To Motivate Kids Without Yelling!

I have a little parenting tool I’d love to share. Actually, it’s super little because it’s one of these: > Yes, I’m talking about one of those teeny tiny pointy “greater than signs” – which represents when something is greater or less than […]

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May Love Always Win: A True, Quirky Story

Quick story: We ordered up these two small white “snack tables” for our home. After they arrived, I decided to do a little DIY on them – just to pep them up a bit. Since I’m a writer/designer by trade […]

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Why And How Not To Yell At Your Child

I gotta tell you… I love my 4 year old son, Ari, but sometimes he is a bit… well, let’s say “challenging.” Particularly at bed time. It becomes bad time. The problem isn’t putting him to bed.  It’s keeping him there. […]

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