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14 Quotes About Moving On And Getting Stronger

Here are some inspirational quotes about moving on and starting over – heading towards something better and more right for you! If you’re moving on from a toxic relationship, I’m now giving away free copies of my Oprah recommended book Prince Harming Syndrome […]

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A motivational quote about moving on

Keep moving on. Don’t get stuck on a chapter in your past. It’s simply one small part of your life story. Your story goes on. Get curious about the good juicy parts coming up next. – Karen Salmansohn Having a […]

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There Is No Such Thing As “Almost”

Note: This is an essay by Denise Barry I really enjoyed watching the summer Olympics this year, although the realization of how hard the participants worked to get there had me feeling a bit like a couch potato. At least […]

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The time has come to forgive your parents…

The time has come to forgive your parents. For all things. Big. And small. You must recognize that they were coming from a place of limitations. Promise yourself that you won’t let their limitations create limitations within you. Be aware […]

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