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25 Motivational Quotes For A Happier Life

Want to be the happiest person you know? Change your thoughts – and change your attitude – and you will change the “results” you get in life. The following 25 motivational quotes will give you the most positive perspective to […]

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10 Funny Inspirational Quotes To Make You Smile

Below are 10 funny inspirational quotes – to tickle your funny-bone, brain and heart. If you’re in the mood for more laughter, here’s…  7 funny unicorn quotes (I love anything unicorn)  11 funny coffee quotes (also big fan of coffee)  16 […]

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A motivational quote about moving on

Keep moving on. Don’t get stuck on a chapter in your past. It’s simply one small part of your life story. Your story goes on. Get curious about the good juicy parts coming up next. – Karen Salmansohn Having a […]

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