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A quote about how to move on from grief and loss

A quote about how to move on from grief and loss…   Often the heart needs time to catch up to what the mind knows. -Karen Salmansohn NOTE: If are seeking happy, safe-feeling love,  check out the results-proven love advice in Prince […]

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How I Developed An Unbreakable Heart

Note: This is a guest blog by Lindsay Kriger A funny thing happened after my break up with my ex-boyfriend Josh. Not funny as in “ha ha.” More funny as in “a-ha!” After my break up, I wanted very much […]

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A 10 Second Love Warning

Warning: When you fall for someone with all your heart, remember to take your head with you. – Karen Salmansohn If you’re having a difficult time bouncing back from a bad break up, please check out the resiliency psychology techniques found […]

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