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5 Habits Which Will Improve Your Relationship

Note: This is a guest essay by Michael Gurian You’ve probably met couples in which one or both partners interrupt the other person in public. You might even be that couple! One partner’s tendency to interrupt can create significant marital difficulties. It […]

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19 Inspiring Quotes For Finding Love

Are you looking for love in all the sexist but wrongest places? Here are 20 inspiring quotes for finding love. My hope is that these motivational quotes remind you what matters most in love – and keep you feeling confident […]

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If you value healthy relationships, try this tool!

When someone instantly makes your heart beat faster, you might feel as if you’re experiencing “love at first sight.” However… what you’re really experiencing is “infatuation at first sight.”  After all,  in those first throes of love, you’re simply falling for […]

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11 signs you have found a happy relationship

Want to find and keep fulfilling, lasting love? I’ve compiled a helpful list of 11 signs you have found a happy relationship. Read on – and see how many of these 11 your relationship fulfills. Plus when you look at […]

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10 Secrets Happy Couples Know

Do you notice loving couples everywhere and wonder how they manage to keep having fun  – and stay together – making it through both good and bad times? Of course, you might not know for sure what goes on behind closed […]

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