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A 20 Second Tool To Jumpstart A Happier Mood

A 20 Second Tool To Jumpstart A Happier Mood… Give yourself a hug right now. Really. Stop what you’re doing. Wrap your arms around yourself and hug yourself. Tightly. Appreciate all that you’re doing and all who you love and […]

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How To Increase Willpower [science backed tool]

Want to know how to increase willpower to either avoid a temptation or to start a new, positive habit? Here’s a helpful science backed tool. Consistently research on “willpower” reports that the best way to make big changes in your […]

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“Kaizen” your way to a happier life…

Good news! You don’t always need to read a long essay or long book to change your life. Sometimes a small post – like this short one right here – can jumpstart the change you need. Small can be powerful. […]

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Why People in Bhutan Might Be Happier Than You

Quickie question: Why do you want lotsa money? Your most-likely answer:  So as to buy lotsa stuff – and be happy, dammit! But does more money and more stuff really lead to more happiness? “Standard of living has increased dramatically […]

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