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How To Stay Feeling Close To Long Distance Friends

When it comes to friendship, distance no longer needs to be a barrier. The digital age and social media have helped long distance friends to feel close – even without close geographical proximity.  However, distance can start to feel problematic, […]

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7 Tips For Creating Deep, Lasting Adult Friendships

As you get older it gets harder to meet new adult friends and create deep, lasting friendships. Below are 7 tips to help you enjoy happier, more fulfilling times with your adult friends. Consistently happiness researchers report that being surrounded […]

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A Calming, Powerful Mantra To Heal Anger

Here’s a calming, powerful mantra to heal anger. Simply repeat it when someone says mean things or does negative things to you. I learned this calming mantra for anger from my 3 year old son (Ari). The mantra for anger: […]

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The Importance of Friends During Challenging Times

If you’re going through challenging times, you need to recognize the importance of friends. Here’s why you should reach out for support.  According to my favorite Greek philosopher Aristotle, we humans are biologically social animals. Our first nature is to […]

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