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7 Tips For Creating Deep, Lasting Friendships

Consistently happiness researchers report that being surrounded by loving friends is a top determinant for happiness! Plus good friends are not only good for your mind and spirit – but your body, too! According to a 2010 report in the […]

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What To Do If Someone You Love Is In Pain

Note: This is an essay by Nanea Hoffman. It’s really uncomfortable to sit with someone else’s pain. I don’t like feeling helpless. I ache to fix, and when I can’t, I squirm. I think about the days I used to […]

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A Calming, Powerful Mantra To Heal Anger

Here’s a calming, powerful mantra to heal anger. Simply repeat it when someone says mean things or does negative things to you. I learned this calming mantra from my 3 year old son (Ari Salmansohn). Ari says: “NO thank you” or “No […]

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How To Emotionally Connect In A Deeper Way

Do you want to build stronger emotional connections with people? Feeling true intimacy and deep understanding with another person can bring you some of life’s happiest times. Learn how to emotionally connect in a deeper, more intimate way.  Note: This […]

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