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Adults Throwing Temper Tantrums?

Note: This is a guest essay by Denise Barry I can’t believe how often I see adults throwing temper tantrums. Something gets them upset and they huff and they puff and they blow their cool right out the window. They throw things, […]

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A Dark Hole, Some Creepy Crawlers and Me

Note: This is a guest essay by Denise Barry On a beautiful, sunny morning one day last week, minutes after a calming, refreshing meditation, I hit rock bottom. I had been questioning things about myself recently: my writing, my motivations, myself […]

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My secret for quitting a bad habit

Note: This is a guest essay by Denise Barry. What does it take for you to quit a bad habit? How many of you have experienced an Aha moment – where you knew – ok -this is it – I’m going […]

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