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Why And How To Listen More Closely To Intuition

I’ve witnessed the amazing powers of intuition – and been incredibly thankful for trusting my gut. Unfortunately I’ve also suffered the consequences of not listening to my intuition – because I didn’t take its warnings seriously. With this in mind, I […]

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11 Quotes For When You’re Really Pissed Off

Angry? Pissed off? Miffed? These inspiring quotes will remind you to breathe out the toxic, angry fumes and breathe in the peaceful, happy vibes. If you need extra support to calm down your anger and resentment, check out my video […]

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Let Go Of Anger With These 16 Uplifting Quotes

Feeling angry at someone or a situation? Read through these inspirational quotes – and you’ll feel lighter and brighter. Feeling challenged by a painful love situation?  Click here for helpful tools to heal your heart. Feeling anxious and thereby stress eating? Click here […]

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A Quote about Peacefulness And Power

When you’re feeling peaceful, you’re in your ultimate power. – Karen Salmansohn What’s something which comes to your mind and heart when you read about feeling peaceful?   Share below!

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7 Steps to Stop Shoulding on People

Note: This is a guest essay by Anna Jorgensen  Whenever we expect something—anything—of others, we set ourselves up for disappointment. Most of us want to feel happy and since disappointment feels crappy, we’d serve ourselves and others by curbing this […]

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The time has come to forgive your parents…

The time has come to forgive your parents. For all things. Big. And small. You must recognize that they were coming from a place of limitations. Promise yourself that you won’t let their limitations create limitations within you. Be aware […]

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