Don’t Wait for Life to Be Less Hard. Be Happy Now.

dont wait for life to be less hard be happy now

Don’t Wait for Life to Be Less Hard To Enjoy Yourself. Decide to Be Happy Now.

Happiness is a slippery fish – which we keep trying to reel in with all kinds of bait – like money – or love – or thinner thighs.
We think it’s a matter of patience – and in time happiness will get hooked.
But, what if we’ve got it all wrong?
What if happiness is actually the minnow darting through our legs… while we stand there … scanning the horizon for something bigger… something more?
Maybe happiness eludes capture… because it’s not meant to be chased.
Maybe happiness is a sneaky creature…. playing hide and seek in the here and now … buried in the tiny, mundane moments we take for granted.
Consider those small triumphs: like finding the parking spot right outside the entrance when you’re late and it’s raining… the first sip of coffee that tastes like a high-five to your soul…. the way your dog greets you like you’re a Beatles reunion tour.
These aren’t just consolation prizes… while we wait for the big win.
They’re real deal happiness… hidden in plain site.
So stop waiting for life to be less hard to enjoy yourself.
Take your eyes off the distant horizon… look around you…and be happy now.
-Karen Salmansohn


I’m wrote the above image quote poster about “not waiting for life to be less hard – and to be happy now” – because I’m bestselling personal development author and research geek on behavioral change (with 2 million books and course sold).

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Think happier. Think calmer.

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