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7 Tips For Creating Deep, Lasting Friendships

Consistently happiness researchers report that being surrounded by loving friends is a top determinant for happiness! Plus good friends are not only good for your mind and spirit – but your body, too! According to a 2010 report in the […]

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An Important Key To A Good, Lasting Relationship

What’s an important key to a good, lasting relationship? Your partner makes you feel safe. In fact, you should seek the feeling of “safety” first and foremost – even before the feeling of love. Why? Without the feeling of safety, […]

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7 Relationship Tools To Keep Love Alive

Love at first sight is easy. It’s love at 1,001st sight that can be very difficult. Actually, even love at 101st sight can get a bit challenging. It’s about this time a woman starts walking around without both makeup and metaphysical […]

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