The Best Casino Buffets in Canada

Best Casino Buffets in CanadaCasinos have long been known as places that can turn dreams into reality for those lucky enough to hit a large jackpot. They are also home to many other entertainment options and eateries, so visiting them can be an exciting pastime.

While many eateries cater to specific themes or cuisines, the humble buffet is among the most popular. Believed to have originated in Scandinavia in the mid-16th century, buffets are one of the most common forms of eating in most hotels worldwide and, in many cases, at special events such as weddings or conferences.

Casinos are also known to offer this extravagant dining option. And, as with everything else, casinos provide them on a grander scale than you’ll find anywhere else.

Our family love to find yummy buffets. And now that I’m a recovered emotional eater, I can manage eating at a buffet in moderation. So I put together this helpful guide to some suggested casino buffets – in particular in Canada – where we’ve visited.

If you’re traveling to Canada and plan to stop by some of the country’s casinos, make sure to check out the best casino buffets below. Each of these will have you salivating and wanting to come back over and over again.

Grand Buffet – Fallsview Casino Resort (Ontario)

You’ll find the Grand Buffet at the Fallsview Casino Resort—a well-known casino thanks to its multiple gambling options and incredible views of Niagara Falls. And if you think the restaurant is being too ambitious with its name, make no mistake: it certainly is grand.

Situated inside the casino gaming floor, the restaurant treats patrons to an incredible array of cuisines from around the world. Hosting international food stations, it offers over 195 different food items ranging from signature pizzas baked in a handmade stone oven to thrilling Asian dishes that will delight your tastebuds. For lovers of the ocean and its wonderous tastes, numerous seafood and sushi dishes are made using the freshest ingredients.

Once you’ve sampled the savory items from each corner of the world, you can move onto the sweet side of life. Here, you’ll find cakes, tarts, mousses, pies, cookies, ice cream, and numerous other treats that will give you the energy you need to gamble the night away.

For such extravagance, the $55 price (excluding tax) per person is well justified. This cost includes unlimited soft drinks, tea and iced tea, and coffee. If, however, you’d like something alcoholic, it will be charged additionally.

The Buffet – River Rock Casino (British Columbia)

River Rock Casino is one of the premier gambling destinations in Canada, offering incredible views of the Fraser River and an atmosphere that many of the new online casinos on the internet wish they could replicate. It is also home to The Buffet.

Located above the casino floor, The Buffet lets you dine alongside the casino’s spectacular views while enjoying incredible tastes that will leave you wanting more—especially since most ingredients are locally sourced and as fresh as possible when served.

Rather than offering food based on the location of the cuisine, The Buffet prefers to provide a seasonal menu that highlights and celebrates the local produce it receives. This leads to fresh dishes ideally suited for the time of the year you choose to enjoy them.

Amongst the staples you’ll find on the menu are crisp and refreshing salads, tasty pasta dishes, and mouthwatering meats seasoned with Western and Eastern flavors. Numerous seafood dishes are also available, including sushi, shellfish, and chilled prawns.

After dinner, you can enjoy your share of handcrafted cakes, pastries, pies, tarts, and other dessert items—including a delectable and creamy mousse. All these things are included in the reasonable price of just $50 per person, and children under five can eat for free.

The Buffet – Elements Mohawk (Ontario)

Offering more than 1,400 slot machines, 42 tables, and multiple progressive jackpot opportunities, Elements Casino Mohawk has everything you could want in a casino. Alongside this is the incredible eatery known simply as The Buffet.

Unlike other buffet restaurants on this list, The Buffet at Elements Casino Mohawk no longer offers all-you-can-eat dining. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of incredible dishes you can choose from on the buffet-style menu.

Among the great flavors and proteins available are ginger beef, quiche Loraine, roast pork, steak frites, and butter chicken. You can also indulge in delectable chili prawns or traditional fish and chips if you prefer something from the ocean.

Accompanying these proteins, you can choose from a selection of sides to enhance your meal. These include potatoes made in various ways, fresh and colorful vegetables, delicious crisp salads, steamy rice, and crunchy, flavorsome garlic bread.

Priced at $29.99 for one protein and two sides, the incredible food available here will have you drooling to sample more items. And, if none of the above items grabs your tastebuds’ attention, various other menu items, such as soups and plates of pasta, surely will.

The Buffet – Grand Villa (British Columbia)

With gambling, dining, and live entertainment all packed into one place, the Grand Villa Casino in Burnaby, British Columbia, is one of Canada’s must-visit casinos. It is also home to yet another restaurant named after what it offers patrons—The Buffet.

Only visitors 19 years of age or older can access this eatery, as it is located on the casino floor. This gives spectacular views of the gambling choices and lets you sit amid the excellent casino atmosphere.

The items you can wrap your tastebuds around vary depending on when you visit this eatery, as each night is themed and caters to the tastes of various locations. Mondays will have you eating like the locals of Mexico, while Wednesdays cater more to those whose palates prefer Asian inspiration.

If you aren’t in the mood for adventurous explorations into international cuisines, the buffet also caters to certain foods regardless of the night’s theme. These include around eight hot foods, a salad bar that lets you build your own salads, and a delectable dessert bar.

All this is available for just $33.99 per person. However, visitors who hold an Encore Rewards card—a loyalty program for patrons of British Columbia casinos—can receive decent discounts of up to 15% off.

Pavillon 67 – Casino de Montréal (Quebec)

With countless gambling opportunities, live entertainment shows, Cabaret lounges, and a smattering of tournaments, there is plenty to do at Casino de Montréal. Among these is visiting the incredible Pavillon 67 buffet restaurant, which features floor-to-ceiling windows and unparalleled views of the Quebec skyline and the shimmering St. Lawrence River.

The Pavillon 67 buffet hosts tastes from various international locations and prides itself on high-quality, scrumptious dishes—many of which are cooked right in front of the serving stations. Among these are some incredible meats that will have you salivating as you watch them sizzle.

Aside from the grilled meats available, there are numerous sides, a wide variety of fresh seafood, handcrafted sushi, and refreshing salads. For those with a sweet tooth, things are even better. With skilled pastry chefs forming tasty bite-sized portions of the best desserts, you can try as many as you like and discover your favorite.

This incredible culinary experience can be yours for just $42 per person on Thursdays and Sundays, while Fridays and Saturdays will set you back $55 each. If you want to visit this eatery on a Friday or Saturday, booking online is recommended to ensure you get a table to feast at.

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