How to Choose the Perfect Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

How to Choose the Perfect Pair of Sunglasses for Your Face ShapeWhether you’re looking for a new pair of shades to wear on the beach or you need some sun protection for driving, it’s important to choose the right type of sunglasses for your face shape.

Wearing the wrong style can not only be unflattering, but it can also cause headaches and eye fatigue.

So how do you know which pair of sunglasses is right for you?

I am here to help! In case you’re new to my site, I’m a research geek on health, aging and mastering your mindset.

I wrote a bestselling longevity book called Life is Long.

While writing my book, I discovered a research study which reported that we actually feel our most confident when we reach age 60! Are you surprised? It’s because a lot of confidence is based on knowing who you are and loving yourself for your unique self.

We humans come in all shapes and sizes! And so do our faces! And we must know and love ourselves for who we truly are! So if you want to choose a great pair of sunglasses you must know yourself, your face, your needs!

With this in mind, read on for my guide to choosing the perfect pair of sunglasses for your face shape!

1. Decide on the purpose of the sunglasses

Do you need them for everyday wear, or are they just for special occasions?

When shopping for sunglasses, the first thing to consider is the purpose you will use them for.

If you are looking for something to wear daily, it’s important to choose sunglasses that are practical and comfortable.

  • Look for features such as adjustable nose pads and scratch-resistant lenses.

If your goal is to have a pair of stylish shades just for special events or occasions or to wear in your social media branding! Well, if so, there’s more room to be daring with your choices! Designer glasses are an excellent option for those looking to add a touch of luxury to their eyewear collection. Ferragamo, Gucci, Versace, and Cartier are just a few of the renowned brands that offer a wide range of designer glasses. You can always luxury sunglasses that are both stylish and functional and Cartier glasses online for example at coolframes.com

  • Maybe you want a pair with intricate metal detailing or graduated tinted lenses.

Whatever look you go for, just make sure they offer adequate UV protection. After all, your eyes should always be taken care of!

Ultimately, when deciding on the right pair of sunglasses, consider their purpose and pick ones that suit both your style and needs.  From there, you’ll be all set to show off your new eyewear – no matter what the occasion may be!

2. Consider your face shape when choosing sunglasses

Oval faces can pull off any style. Meanwhile square faces look best in aviators or other angular styles.

When choosing sunglasses keep the following in mind…

  • If you have an oval face, you are lucky as you can pull off nearly any style of sunglasses and look stylish.
  • For square faces, aviator frames and other angular shapes will best complement your strong jawline and broad forehead.
  • Round faces should go for rectangular or trapezoid styles that break up the curves of the face.
  • Heart-shaped faces look great in classic wayfarers or any style that angles sharply downward from the browline as this fraction reduces the width of the forehead and helps to flatter the chin.

Finding the right pair of sunglasses isn’t just about fashion. By considering your face shape when shopping, you’ll be able to pick a pair that best accentuates your features and makes you feel confident when out under the sun.

No matter what style catches your eye, it’s important to try on several pairs to figure out which looks best on you before making a purchase—so grab a few friends and have some fun trying on shades during your next shopping trip! 

Ultimately, investing time in finding the right fit will allow you to find timeless glasses to rock year after year. Knowing how to select flattering sunglasses can help make sure that your summer look always stands out from the crowd.

3. Don’t forget about the color of the lenses

Dark lenses will help reduce glare. Meanwhile lighter colors make it easier to see in low-light conditions.

When selecting eyeglasses for the outdoors, the color of the lenses is an important factor to consider.

  • Darker lenses, such as brown and grey, are great for reducing glare in bright sunlight.
  • This type of shade also tends to block out harmful UV rays while allowing your eyes to relax, preventing eyestrain and making it easier to focus on nearby objects.

Some sunglasses come with interchangeable lenses in various shades.

  • This allows you to quickly switch between darker tints for bright days and lighter lens colors when you are in less intense light conditions.
  • They are designed so that the lens material becomes increasingly transparent as the tint lightens.
  • This can make it easier to see stones, sticks and other hazards while hiking or biking through dense forests or dimly lit caves.

Additionally, some lenses may have a special coating that helps deflect glares from wet surfaces like roads after rain showers or dew-dampened grassy meadows.

Whichever glasses you choose, understanding how lens color affects your vision can help you get the best performance out of them. Plus you will make sure they work properly in any environment you find yourself in. 

Quick Recap

It can be tough to find the perfect pair of sunglasses. But with a little bit of knowledge about your face shape and the purpose of the sunglasses, you can make an informed decision. So be sure to keep the above in mind when shopping for a new pair of sunglasses!

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