6 Most Preferred Ways to Fix Underbite & 4 Probable Causes

6 Most Preferred Ways to Fix Underbite & 4 Probable CausesA confident and happy smile opens many doors in both personal and professional life.

But what if you struggle to smile without hesitation due to underbite teeth?

What Do You Mean by Underbite?

An underbite is a class 3 malocclusion due to which your lower teeth protrude beyond your upper teeth. This jaw misalignment is also known as the reverse bite.

There are two main types of underbites: skeletal underbite and dental underbite.

Skeletal underbites are caused by jawbone problems that occur during development. The malformed jawbone makes the lower jaw grow and overlap the upper jaw, placing it forward.  

On the other hand, dental underbites happen due to teeth misalignment. This means the upper and lower jaw fail to align correctly, giving you an abnormal bite. Some common causes of dental underbites include tongue-thrusting, thumb-sucking, and face injuries.  

With all that said, underbites can negatively affect your physical appearance. Apart from disrupting aesthetics, it also poses health and lifestyle issues such as speech impediments, chewing and biting problems, etc. Extreme underbite can also lead to wear and tear of teeth and jaw. Furthermore, it can cause constant mouth breathing, facial pain, bacterial infections, and sleep apnea.  

Aside from that, it may also impact your mental and psychological condition. Over time, you’ll likely lose confidence and self-esteem with the physical problems associated with an underbite. 

On the other hand, according to a survey, while overbite is very commonly observed in about 70% of the population, only about 5 to 10% of people have an underbite of some kind.

What Causes Underbite?

Before getting into the details of how to fix underbite, let’s check out the following 4 most common causes of underbite teeth.

smile more karen salmansohn quotes1. Genetics

Hereditary is the most common cause of underbite teeth as genetics dictates the shape and size of teeth and jaw upto a greater extent.

2. Injury

A severe injury due to a vehicle accident, contact sports incident, or other types of strong impact on your jawbone can lead to broken or misaligned jawbone and teeth.

3. Tumors

Tumor growth can abnormally move your jawbone and cause misalignment and underbite.

4. Excessive Thumb/Pacifier Sucking

Bad childhood dental habits such as excessive sucking of the thumb or pacifier lead to a change in jaw shape.

How to Fix Underbite?

There are various ways to fix an underbite. The treatment depends upon the age and condition of the patient. But more or less, your orthodontist will present any of these treatment options.

1. Invisalign

Invisalign are the modern braces that are made of transparent plastic material. They are discreet and free of wires, so more preferable for young teens and adults. But many people doubt “can Invisalign fix underbite”! Yes, it can! Although, they may need to be combined with other orthodontic treatments in case of an extreme underbite.

Invisalign corrects the positioning of your bottom teeth by moving them back behind the upper teeth as they should be.

2. Braces

Braces are traditional and the most common way to fix an underbite. The metal brackets are strapped to your teeth with the help of wires and elastics. They push your teeth to take the correct form and alignment. You may need to wear braces for a few years, followed by retainers for a few months or a year.

Modern braces are made of less visible materials such as ceramic to make them suitable for young teens and adults.

3. Underbite Surgery

If your jawbone is responsible for your underbite, you may need invasive treatments such as orthodontic surgery. It is done in the following 2 ways:-

  • Le Fort III Osteotomy: A surgeon moves your face forward if it appears under your jaw. This happens in the case of an extreme underbite. Le Forte also modifies your facial appearance.
  • Orthognathic Jaw Surgery: Your lower jawbone is fixed in this surgery to prevent it from protruding. It is performed by separating the rear part of the jawbone from the front part.

By considering these surgeries, you’ll know which option suits your situation. But whatever procedure you choose, be sure to work with a reliable oral surgery provider like NSOMS. This way, you can have peace of mind, knowing your underbite problem is appropriately corrected. They have the necessary experience and skills to perform various oral surgeries. They also have state-of-the-art technology and equipment, ensuring favorable outcomes at all times.

4. Reverse-pull Face Mask

smile quoteThis treatment is effective for children of 10 years or younger. It is because their bones aren’t fused yet.

The reverse-pull mask looks like a braces headgear as it wraps the kid’s head so that it can pull the upper jaw back.

The metal bands are fastened to the upper back teeth to achieve the correct position of the upper jaw. Also, a chin cup is attached to the mask.

With a chin cup, you can modify the growth of your lower jaw by turning the chin downwards and backward. Consequently, it can help improve your anterior facial height and fix your underbite problem.  

5. Tooth Extraction

If the crowding of lower teeth is the cause of underbite teeth, your orthodontist may opt for this method to fix your underbite. The extra teeth causing the protruding of lower teeth will be extracted or pulled.

Tooth extraction can cure your underbite as a sole treatment, or your orthodontist may need to combine it with other treatments. It all depends upon the severity of your underbite.

6. Upper Jaw Expander

This method to fix underbite is effective when lower teeth protrude from the upper teeth because the upper jaw is small in length and width. The jaw expander is fitted across the palate of your upper jaw. It gradually expands or widens the jaw.

Lower teeth automatically match the upper teeth when the upper and lower jaw matches in length and width.

Get your Underbite Fixed

Modern dentistry offers many ways to treat underbite. There are various options available for all kinds of budgets and medical conditions. Even the most extreme underbite cases can be cured via proper orthodontic treatment and care.

Since underbite issues are quite a common issue that can cause anxiety and stress, it is important for any parent to consider finding a dentist that will have the right qualification to ensure your child’s safety and will also be closer to where they live. For instance, Dentistes du vieux Ste-Rose offer a wide range of dental services in Laval ensuring your child’s teeth stay healthy and strong. Whether you are considering an underbite surgery or you simply want to go for braces, an early consultation and meticulous care provided by highly qualified professionals will help you prevent any further dental issues and make sure your child is happy.

Consult your orthodontist for a suitable way to treat your or your child’s underbite. You can also enquire about installment facility and insurance benefits.

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