Psychological Triggers That Will Attract More Prospects to Your Gym

Psychological Triggers That Will Attract More Prospects to Your Gym

The following is a guest post written by Stella Lincoln

I decided to bring Stella onto my site because she loves to merge three big passions of mine: fitness, psychology and marketing. Read on to learn about which psychological triggers attract more customers to a gym!

The question of who doesn’t like to be fit can have many answers depending on the people you ask. If you are asking a person driven by bodily fitness, then their response will be yes. But if you ask someone who is happy the way they are without any fitness training or rigorous gym sessions, then your answer will be no.

The main reason and the concept behind the difference of answers is psychology. Sometimes the need, want, and desire to appear or feel fit have nothing to do with fitness training but the mindset.

So how do you market your newly opened gym to such people and convince them that joining the gym might be the right decision and worth trying?

According to the recent fitness statistics, there are currently more than 111,000 fitness businesses and almost 10,000 fitness franchises in the US alone. Then how is such an industry thriving amongst independent thought and ideas that contradict it?

The answer lies in the marketers’ psychological convincing power that makes the customers think they need gym and fitness training to look good.

Let’s find out how!

How to Attract More Customers through Psychological Tactics for coming to the gym

The following are some of the best psychological tactics you can apply to attract more customers to invest in fitness and join a gym.

1. Offer free dietician consultation for membership signup

Nothing convinces the people better than something that is being offered for free. And what better way there is to convince them to join a gym membership than to offer something that they would take up eventually. The best way is to provide a free dietician consultation once or twice a month for membership signup.

This will not only help you gain prospective customers but also help them keep track of their fitness. Overall, it will be very encouraging if they actually work on the consultation advice and like to follow the dedicated fitness regime.

2. Give out monthly rewards and recognition for regular visits

Motivation through remuneration is the best way to achieve your desired objective. Now that you have convinced your customers to join and become gym members, how do you keep them coming regularly? In this case, if you want to keep your customers coming daily, you offer monthly rewards and a public announcement in front of other members of the gym.

Offer them that if they visit and workout regularly, they will be rewarded by the end of the month, and depending on personal gains and fitness achievement, an announcement would be put up for others to see.

3. Setup convincing attractive and modern gym gear for use

This is probably the easiest way to attract more prospects to the gym because it is not only hitting consumer psychology but general human psychology. We like new and fresh things exclusively set up for our use, so apply that to gym gear.

Attractive and modern gym gear will be highly convincing for prospects to join the gym. Not only will it attract them to use it, but it will also show that the amount of money they are paying to gain membership is worth it as they are getting to use the best equipment to offer the best results.

4. Put up charts of before and after changes for motivation

Humans are inherently lazy and tend to give up if they do not see calculated or visual results. When it comes to fitness, the right motivation factors must be in place to keep them going. Because if they aren’t able to see if coming to the gym regularly, working out and following a strict is doing any good, they will easily take back their membership and revoke the program.

To counter this, life-size posters and photographs of people who actually went through the process and came out the other end looking better is the best way to do it. Ask best dissertation writers to add quotes to empower and clearly showcase the before and after changes for better inspiration.

5. Set short-term, achievable body goals to empower

If you are investing in your body and want to look and feel a certain type of way, it is essential to feel the change quickly. Fitness regimes that are so long-term that you have to wait a certain time to see the results are, most of the time, discouraging.

Instead, the better way to do it is setting short-term, achievable body goals. Results that show up fast and help you stay consistent and empower you to keep going are hugely impactful.

6. Make your trainers conduct group classes for increased engagement

It is understandable if your gym-goers prefer one-on-one training or like to work out by themselves. But to get enhanced results and increase community engagement, trainers should conduct group classes once or twice a week. Nothing triggers human psychology then actually seeing someone conduct the exact same process as you but get better results.

A group session every now and then would do precisely that. It would help your gym customers to see the changes in other people in-person. Whether they get envious or inspirational, the end result would be to show up at the gym more regularly to achieve something similar.

7. Include seniors in your circle to showcase equality

Age is truly just a number when it comes to fitness. You will be leaving out a significant niche in your industry if you do not involve seniors or people above the age of 50 in your gym center. Seniors are an incredible market to cater to and should be included for increased equality.

Today, most celebrities who have great bodies, and follow-worthy fitness regimes are around or over 50 years of age. Milking this notion to inspire people is the best way to go about it because if these celebrities can, then so can you.

8. Offer online support to make it easy and readily available

Laziness is probably the worst enemy when it comes to working out. However, the focal point here is that seldom working out itself is the issue. The external factors like changing, having to go to the gym, taking out time from your busy schedule to go are what in our mindset makes us procrastinate more.

That is why the best way to counter laziness and procrastination is to use a dedicated app or website for your customers to use. Post video-based content for them to be readily available at home when they don’t feel like going to the gym but still working out.

Concluding Thoughts

All in all, as I said earlier, mindset and body image can be a huge deal-breaker when it comes to fitness. If your customers don’t feel positively towards their bodies and don’t have the right mindset to cater to it, no matter what you offer, it will not impact them differently.

Make sure you inspire, motivate, and empower them towards body positivity no matter what the results are, for fruitful results.

stella lincolnAuthor Bio

Stella Lincoln is currently working as a Psychologist at Crowd Writer. She is a diligent fitness enthusiast and likes to go to the gym regularly. She shares her experience in dealing with body image and body positivity online through her blogs to motivate her audience members.

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