5 Tips To Get More Sales from Your Website

5 Tips To Get More Sales from Your WebsiteTrying to get more sales from your website is a never-ending yet incredibly important endeavor.

You need to commit to bringing out the best in your website today… as well as the next financial quarter…and the next year… and beyond!

The main challenge lies in knowing how to design a website with high converting sales in mind.

No worries. I’m here to help you to do just that.

As you might know, I am a bestselling personal development author with about 2 million books sold globally.

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With this in mind, here are some helpful steps to start increasing your sales from your website.

5 Tips To Get More Sales from Your Website

Let’s delve into a couple tips that will help you hike the sales stemming from your homepage… as well as the rest of your website.

Tip #1: Invest the Time Necessary to Craft a Killer “About Us” Page

Not every single online visitor will make their way over to your “About Us” page. However plenty will surf the web to this section. They’ll find it either by way of a Google search, a link from another site or simply by exploring your website. With this in mind, you need to make sure you’re getting your “About Us” page just right.

When it comes to descriptive sections of websites that detail a company and its value offerings, most are a bit too brief. Why? People get concerned that the reader will be overwhelmed with information and want to bounce from the webpage. But if you write the page with the right details and enough charisma, that shouldn’t be an issue.

A truly comprehensive About Us business page will…

  • tell the company’s story
  • detail why it exists
  • share the value offering it provides
  • explain why it was worth starting in the first place
  • detail the company’s purpose
  • touch on the manner in which the products are made
  • humanize the entity
  • discuss the founder of the business along with the current leaders and other contributors
  • allow online visitors to view your company as a collection of individuals as opposed to a cold, corporate entity

As an example, Nike has one of the best About Us sections on the web.

Surf the web on over to that page. Read through the text for yourself. You will find it touches on every important element of the best About Us pages as noted above. You’ll find it delves into the footwear and apparel maker’s products, history, purpose, contributions to the community, locations of operation, etc.

The page succeeds in providing visitors with a better sense of Nike’s overarching mission and products. Plus it simultaneously piques the audience’s interest all the more, ultimately encouraging them to transition to other pages of the website.

Tip #2: Create Dedicated Landing Pages

A dedicated landing page is optimal when there is a specific action you would like visitors to take. As an example, if you would like your audience to read through your brochure or sales information, schedule an appointment, register for an online presentation or even check out a demo, a dedicated landing page will be necessary. Dedicated landing pages are effective in catalyzing such actions, setting the stage for prospects to move through the sales funnel and eventually transition into paying customers.

Even if your business has only a couple services or products, a dedicated landing page for each will be necessary. As an example, check out Tailor Brands’ landing page for their logo creator.

Sales from Your Website

The page artfully presents information including the company name and branding elements to create a lasting impression. So don’t assume you can stop short with a single landing page. Create dedicated landing pages for each product, service and other value offering and your conversions will spike in due time.

Tip #3: A Customer Testimonial Page

The vast majority of potential customers are intrigued by customer testimonial pages simply because they identify with their fellow customers. Customer testimonials added to a single page within your website will present your business in the best possible light. Though some customers will inevitably dig deeper and find some average or below average reviews of your business on other online directories, there is no shame in presenting your business at its best on a dedicated customer testimonial page.

Use actual customer testimonials from recent years that highlight the merits of your services or products. Explain how the product or service fulfills customer needs. As an example, consider Codecademy’s testimonials page.

Sales Website

Though the page is not labeled “testimonials”, it serves the same purpose as a testimonials page. Dubbed “Learner Stories”, this testimonials page provides videos from actual Codecademy success stories, demonstrating the company’s value offering directly from satisfied customers.

Tip #4: Present the Business on the Homepage

Your business should be presented at its best on your company’s homepage. Instead of highlighting the advantages of specific services and products on the homepage or focusing on another merit of the business, shift the spotlight to your enterprise.

After all, people surfed the web over to your company’s homepage to learn more about it. So they are clearly interested in finding out the details of services, products, specials and other tidbits about your company.

  • Showcase your company at its best.
  • Make it clear that your purpose is to serve your target market better than anyone else.
  • Show how you deliver value.
  • Communicate your value offering in a truly artful manner on a visually polished homepage.

If you do the above, then online visitors will be encouraged to surf the web on over to your About section, product/service pages and other pages. Even if those online visitors do not immediately convert into customers, you can heighten the chances of conversions through a homepage that presents your company in a professional manner, reinforcing its legitimacy and contribution to the target audience as well as the community.

Homepages do not always directly drive sales.

Some such pages are successful when those who scroll through them digress to another page and still continue thinking about the content presented on the descriptive homepage. This is the lasting impression every business needs to make. You need to make a meaningful impact on a target audience to the point that they not only remember the business and its product or services. But they also recall the details of the company’s value offering as described on the homepage.

Tip #5: Facilitate Information Retrieval

We are living in the information age yet the influx of data ‘round the clock makes the experience a bit overwhelming. Think back to the last time you attempted to find information yet could not retrieve it. If you are like most people, you experience such a frustration more often than you’d like.

Take a moment to put yourself in the shoes of your company’s prospective and current customers. You are looking for specific information about the business such as the nuances of a certain product.

  • Where do you turn to for that information?
  • Do you go to the homepage, hit “ctrl” + “f” and search for the information?
  • Do you use the sitemap?
  • Does the website have a search feature?
  • Are there clearly marked menus that are fully functional on all web-connected devices including smartphones and tablets?

These are the important questions every business owner, manager and marketer has to ask, explore and answer to guarantee prospective customers can find the information they need in a timely and relatively easy manner.

Tips Sales site

You can help people find the information they are looking for in a number of ways.

As an example, you should explore an informative frequently asked questions page. It can quickly address questions and concerns that otherwise might be difficult to find the answers to on your website or through your customer service representative.

Your website might also benefit from an informative knowledge center complete with a search tool. If your business has the financial resources, it should hire customer service professionals to assist customers. You can also implement an on-site chat feature to grease the wheels of communication.

Keep in mind, some customers do not want to invest their time and effort searching through the website for information. So they’ll resort to immediately contacting customer service. Don’t attempt to funnel all incoming communication through the phone lines. Instead add email customer service. You’ll be able to provide interested parties with information about your business without a lengthy wait. Nor will they be forced to conduct an online search for information that might be challenging to find.

Make the Most of Your Website and the Sales Will Follow

Your website is likely a significant source of untapped sales potential. Bring out the best in your website’s homepage as well as the rest of its pages. Continue to update and polish your site’s visual presentation. Keep up to date on your site’s functionality. As time passes,  your site will become an essential component of your overarching sales campaign. Ultimately it will drive terrific conversions and revenue.

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