Cannabis Tincture 101: 5 Important Things to Know About Tinctures

cannabis tinctureOne of the major reasons cannabis is widely used is its versatility. There’s a cannabis form for everyone. One form that gets the most interest than others in the market are cannabis tinctures.

Cannabis tinctures are easy to carry around and comfortable to consume.

Consumption is mainly done orally through the sublingual administration method. The result is a quick impact as the various ingredients seep into the bloodstream.

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In this particular article I’ll be sharing a quick summary of the benefits and background of cannabis tinctures. So, keep reading for a break down of the top five most important things you must know.

1. Cannabis Tincture Is Different From Cannabis Oil

While cannabis oils and tinctures come from cannabis or hemp, the two are different. Cannabis tinctures refer to a solution made by steeping cannabis into high-proof alcohol. The blend is then strained to separate the tincture from the plant material.

Sometimes the manufacture will use glycerin, peppermint or cinnamon instead of alcohol. All in all, the process produces a less potent but highly bioavailable compound.

Cannabis oil uses a base oil to make it easy to consume. Infusing the plant material with coconut or olive oil binds the cannabinoids to the oils.

The two extraction methods will leave a manufacturer with different outcomes or products like the ones on this homepage. Tinctures are as good as glycerin or alcohol solutions. Cannabis oils will contain cannabinoids suspended in the carrier oil.

Here are some of the differences between a cannabis tincture and oils.


Cannabis oils end up being more potent than tinctures. Tinctures contain a lesser cannabis ratio and use a lot of other ingredients.


Cannabis tinctures can contain essential oils, vitamins, herbs, water and supplements like melatonin. Cannabis oil mostly contains only two components─ cannabis and base oil.


The major difference between the two cannabis compounds is in the base used. Tinctures will use alcohol, while cannabis oils use cannabidiol as the carrier base. Regardless of the base, there won’t be a difference in therapeutic benefits.


Cannabis oil is not always an end product because you can use it to make various cannabis products. These can include gummies, creams, tabs, or cooking oil. In contrast, tinctures are a final product that’s ready for consumption.

Consumption Method 

You can consume cannabis oil through topical applications or ingesting. The best way to consume tinctures is sublingual or by ingesting. We will provide an in-depth outlook on methods of consuming tinctures later in this guide.


Generally (because of flavors) tinctures will lack the earthy, grassy taste of cannabis. The taste will also vary from tincture to tincture.

Cannabis tinctures are available in flavors that include chocolate, vanilla or peach. Most tinctures have a pleasant taste that makes them comfortable to place in your mouth.

Even so, there are people who may not like the taste of most cannabis products. The good thing, you won’t lack a compatible consumption method. Adding a tincture to your yogurt, for instance, will ensure you’re comfortable ingesting cannabis.

Shelf Life 

Cannabis tinctures usually have a longer shelf life than cannabis oils. Alcohol extends the shelf life of cannabis since it’s a preservative. If stored in a dark, dry place, tinctures will last many years. This means if you’re buying large quantities of cannabis for home use, go for cannabis tinctures.

2. There Are Different Forms of Cannabis Tincture 

Tinctures are suitable for seasoned and new users. But make no mistake─ their user-friendliness doesn’t mean you can pick any tincture online or at your local dispensary.

Like cannabis oil, tinctures also come in different forms and concentrations. You will need to choose between THC, CBD, CBC or hybrid tinctures.

Note that tinctures also vary based on CBD or THC ratios and terpenes or density of flavonoids. So, you need to know what is right for you between full-spectrum, broad-spectrum and isolates.

Full Spectrum vs. Broad Spectrum vs. Isolate Cannabis Tinctures

Cannabis in its original form contains a range of healthy and therapeutic components. These include cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. Studies show that cannabis contains over 400 chemical entities of which over 60 are cannabinoids.

Full-Spectrum or THC Tincture 

The richest form of cannabis is the full-spectrum. This contains all the compounds, including THC, which people associate with getting high. In essence, cannabis is more potent when in its original form.

A full spectrum or THC tincture presents more compounds hence stronger impact. If you don’t want a THC tincture for any reason, choose between broad-spectrum or isolate versions.

Broad Spectrum Tincture 

The difference between broad-spectrum and weed tinctures is the presence of THC. A broad-spectrum tincture will house entire properties of weed except for THC. This option is ideal for people looking for potent tinctures but doesn’t want anything to do with THC.

Isolate Tinctures 

Manufacturers can extract cannabis to remain with independent compounds like THC, CBD, and CBC. CBD and CBC tinctures will oscillate between broad-spectrum and isolates. Broad-spectrums are more enriching because of containing terpenes and flavonoids.

CBD Isolates are free from many compounds and the psychoactive properties of weed. A CBD isolate tincture will still deliver the entourage effect. But its effect isn’t as strong as that of a broad-spectrum CBD.

Isolates help to produce a product that maximizes a specific cannabis property. This is because every property in the weed has unique benefits.

For instance, a pure THC tincture might be a favorite for seasoned weed users or pain therapy. People looking for help with mood or anxiety issues will want to use CBD isolates.

3. There Are Multiple Ways of Consuming Cannabis Tincture

Cannabis tinctures will come with a bottle and dropper which can be confusing. Should you add the tinctures into your coffee or drip them into your mouth? While both of these ways are correct, there’s more to consuming cannabis tinctures.

You can use cannabis tinctures in one of these four ways:

  • Sublingually
  • Orally
  • Topically
  • Or by adding to food and drinks.

Sublingual Intake of Weed Tinctures 

Sublingual administration of cannabis involves placing the drops under the mouth or tongue. This is an area that’s full of mucosal membranes.

The drops will interact with the capillaries in the mouth and fuse into the bloodstream. The method is quick, easy, and super-impactful.

Sublingual intake of weed avoids liver metabolism. It leads to a speedy conversion of delta 8 THC into the high-causing 11-hydroxy-THC. The resulting high is super-intense as compared to that of ingesting.

Sublingual weeding is now popular among medical cannabis patients who want to avoid smoke. The effects from the method can produce the desired impact within 15 minutes and last up to two hours.

On the downside, sublingual weeding can sometimes cause mouth irritations. Make sure you test a few drops before advancing to larger doses. Or you can dilute the tincture to reduce the alcoholic smell or cut the irritation.

Oral Administration 

You can also swallow tincture drops for a slower and gradual effect. When swallowed, tinctures will follow the normal absorption process like alcohol.

As you can guess, swallowed tinctures will take longer to trigger the desired effects. Sometimes, they may take as long as edibles or follow the same durations.

Most of the time, swallowing tinctures produces effects after one to two hours. The good news is the effect will last up to five hours which is longer compared to sublingual intake.

Adding Marijuana Tinctures to Your Food or Drinks 

Tinctures like CBD products can also play the role of food condiments. Their alcohol composition might not blend well with some foods. Yet, tinctures will still work perfectly as a final touch on soups or pasta sauces.

Add a few drops to your coffee and give your drink a minute or two to allow the alcohol to evaporate. Tinctures can bring a cool vibe to your coffee and make a great difference in how you’ll face the day.

Topical Application 

If you’re buying cannabis, you will want to maximize its full potential. One way to do that is to apply it to painful areas of your body. That’s a topical application method which is another way you can use tinctures.

Topical application of tinctures is as easy as rubbing the drops on palms and applying them on your skin. You will need to make sure that you’re exact on the troubling spot for the best results.

Another way is to create a tincture/lotion mix. Add some drops to your lotion, mix well and apply on your body. Sometimes you can boost your cream’s properties by adding some essential oils.

4. Cannabis Tinctures Have Many Benefits

Tinctures will provide various cannabis therapeutic benefits depending on the form consumed. Still, tinctures also have some specific benefits that miss in other cannabis products.

Discreet Method

Despite the popularity of cannabis, there’s still some stigma against users. Most people will want a discreet method of consuming cannabis.

Tincture’s ease of use fills the bill if you want to consume weed without attracting attention. You can spray the drops beneath your tongue anywhere at any time. The method is also ideal if you want to avoid smoking or vaping which can be embarrassing and dangerous.

Low Calorie 

Cannabis tinctures are also great if you’re managing your weight. Tinctures are low-calorie and a healthier alternative to edibles like brownies.

The standard tincture made of 190 high-proof alcohol comprises around 7 calories/milliliter. Cookies or brownies will contain many unhealthy compounds like sugars and up to 100 calories.

Drop by Drop Administration

With inadequate cannabis regulations, it’s impossible to come across standardized cannabis dosages. How will you determine the amount of cannabis to consume?

The drop-by-drop dispensation method enables you to administer exact doses. You can increase intake by dispensing more drops. Unlike tinctures, most consumption methods are hard to track.

5. You Can Experience a Quick Onset of Effects

Effects from sublingual administration of tinctures can set in within a few minutes. You can take a dose, feel its impact and carry on with your activities. Apart from smoking, most methods will take hours before you can talk about the results.

Weed tinctures are ideal for beginners who may not know their dose. You can test the impact with as little as one drop. Seasoned weed users can also explore tinctures by starting with higher drops and experiment until they find the right dose.

Cannabis Tincture Dosage

While it’s easy to dispense or measure tinctures, your results might not be correct. Cannabis tincture strengths vary based on the ratio of weed and the type of alcohol used.

Start with one drop 

Usually, you can start with 1 ML drops and ramp up the level until you reach your peak. When it comes to tinctures, a step-up method of dosing can never go wrong. Don’t lose patience, especially if you’re a newbie.

Follow manufacturer instructions 

Follow your supplier’s usage directions. Most manufacturers will pack a dropper calibrated with four markings. Each mark represents a quarter of a millimeter.

The most recommended intake for first-timers is a quarter of a millimeter. If you’re new to tinctures, remember that the sublingual method can be drastic. You don’t want to find yourself floored down off guard.

Effects from tinctures will kick in fast for new users. Cannabis tolerance also varies with individuals. Rather than hurrying up on your intake, take your time to feel the effect in your system. Wait for several hours before taking on another dose.

Can you find the perfect cannabis tincture ratio? It takes time and a lot of experimenting before you can master your dosage. Sometimes you will increase, decrease or go with the vibe until you can feel what’s right.

Use High-Quality Cannabis Tinctures 

Few cannabis dispensing methods or products are as effective as tinctures. No matter your experience with cannabis, you will still feel comfortable using a cannabis tincture.

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