Sometimes You Have To Move On

I was having dinner with some friends a few months ago and I guess, without realizing it, I was singing a familiar tune.  It was a sad tune; one laced with anger, pain and loss.

My friend called me on it this time. She said, “You keep talking about this. Maybe you should do something about it.”

I told her I’ve tried to do something about it and the harder I try the worse it gets. I told her that sometimes there’s nothing you can do. 

And that’s when it hit me. There is always something you can do, and that something may be nothing. 

In my situation, I was feeling vulnerable over some people in my life. The way I saw it they were mistreating me. For years I had tried to change the dynamics of our relationship, but nothing was working.

Sometimes it would keep me up at night. I wondered what I could do better.

I wondered how I could be better.

I blamed myself for all the things I had done in the past which might make them feel this way today.

But after that talk with my friend I became aware of what a victim I was being. And that made me feel weak. I decided I didn’t want to feel weak anymore.

So I took back my power. That gave me the strength to realize that some people can’t move beyond the past. Some people can’t open their hearts. Some people need to put up a wall to protect themselves from whatever challenge you represent to them; imaginary or not. And this is OKAY. This is where they are right now. 

But it’s not where I want to be. So I blessed them and moved on. 

by Denise Barry

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Denise Barry

Denise Barry is the award winning author of the children’s picture books, What Does the Tooth Fairy Do with Our Teeth? and Soap On A Rope. She’s currently working on a middle grade book titled Sweeney Mack and the Slurp and Burp Competition, so watch for that! She also writes a blog on her website called Raisin' Kids, for parents who want to raise kids who become adults, not adult children. Denise lives in Buffalo, New York with her husband and two kids. To learn more about her visit her website at www.denisebarry.net

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