Finding Bliss In The Ordinary by Steve Manning

Finding Bliss In The Ordinary by Steve Manning

finding bliss

NOTE: This is a guest blog by Steve Manning

Can you have a moment of euphoria while doing the dishes?

Will transferring your clothes from the washer to the dryer bring Satori – a moment of enlightenment?

Does running around like the proverbial chicken doing your list of errands and chauffeuring the kids hither and thither ever allow for a moment to just breathe and appreciate?

Yes. To all of the above. If you allow yourself to pay attention.

And it can come during menial, trivial tasks. Especially if you use aromatherapy dish soap –  as some manufacturers would have us believe.

But seriously, this state of profound joy and contentment is not found in a product – not sold on TV – and you can’t drive it or show it off to friends.

Profound joy is a deep, centered inner peace.

I’ve experienced it.


Well, once recently.

Although profound joy is an elusive state in today’s manic world, it is attainable.

For me, an almost guaranteed way to achieve it is through nature. Particularly, a hike. Is it the fresh air, the crunching leaves or snow, or just the silence? Maybe all of them.

On this particular day I was with my 6 year old son – who along with nature – is another catalyst for a sure fire way to feel waves – upon waves – upon boundless heaps of gratitude and joy.

Early this winter we were at our local Conservation area – which is part of the Niagara Escarpment. My son takes snowboarding lessons there. In the summer there’s a nice lake and in the winter much of it freezes over. We were simply walking around. My son was lifting up huge sticks and branches. (He has quite a collection.) He was tossing them.

Then, all of a sudden it happened. I burst into goose bumps. The landscape became sharper. The sky brightened. I realized everything was alright. Hey, even great –  in my world. My family was all healthy and safe. My business was doing well. The problems I was facing were simply challenges to overcome.

Yes, there was awful stuff going on out there in the world. Yes, I still needed to get my car back in the shop. Yes, I was still transitioning from a separation from my wife a year before…


In that moment, none of that mattered.

I was still. I breathed deeply. There would be time to get back to the hustle and bustle. But right then, there was only NOW.

And that moment of NOW is so very ripe – when you are present in it.

Time spent relaxing is not time spent being unproductive – it is time to “stock the pond” – as I once read in a book on creativity.

All of this makes me think that our experiences are like pearls –  that we string together to make our days.

And our days…they are our lives in miniature.

Just move moment to moment –  then capture and hold the moment  –  just by noticing the beauty within it.

Written and shared with love by Steve Manning. Here’s a bit more about Steve.

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