How To Emotionally Connect In A Deeper Way - Frank Gjata

How To Emotionally Connect In A Deeper Way

How To Emotionally Connect In A Deeper Way

Do you want to build stronger emotional connections with people? Feeling true intimacy and deep understanding with another person can bring you some of life’s happiest times. Learn how to emotionally connect in a deeper, more intimate way. 

Note: This is a guest blog essay by the wonderful writer Frank Gjata.

Hello person reading this. I’m the person writing this. I thought it might be nice to connect and acknowledge each other since we’ll be hanging together here for the next few minutes…if you’re up for that.

You might be thinking how are we going to be hanging together? I’m not there with you. You don’t see me. You’re just looking at inanimate black words on a white background that were written some time in the past by some guy you don’t even know.

And yet you can feel me, right?

You see, as I write in this moment, I feel very connected. It’s early morning. Soft light outside. I’m comfortable. Lying down. Blanket draped over me.

As I type on my laptop, I listen to Guru Singh’s “Game Of Chants”. I feel his pres­ence. His connection.

Hi Guru Singh.

As I take a deep breath now (join me if you like), I notice myself getting emotional…feeling grateful, connected, expansive…I feel the emotion well up inside me.

“Well up” is the perfect description.

I feel so full…it overflows out of me.

So as I’m HERE with ME right now, I’m must also THERE with YOU.

Hi you.

My energy is literally on this page (or screen), permeating every word and every space in between it.

Can you feel it?

I notice that I have to take a number of short pauses as I write…not because I am at a loss of words…but because I am truly in this moment, trying to figure out how to connect via my words with you.

It’s as if I’m acclimating to a new elevation or bright light.

I’m sure many of you have had this experience.

So what’s going on here when we feel so connected?

From a physics point of view, it’s actually quite simple.

Consciousness cannot be destroyed. Consciousness perme­ates all things, all the time.

That’s why when we say something is made with love, like a meal, it actually is.

Our consciousness is a REAL ingredient.

We can taste the difference.

We can hear, see and feel the difference.

There’s no denying it.

We’ve all felt moved while listening to a piece of music, gazing upon art or walking into a beautiful building.

In these moments, we’re literally connecting with the consciousness of the musician, artist and architect.

We’re “moved” in the presence of their creation because the artist was “moved” in the presence of their creation.

It doesn’t matter if it was created 1,000 years ago.

Their consciousness is still there.

And we can’t help but feel it.

So the question is:  Just how connected are we during our day, our work or at any particular moment?

If not much, then we and others won’t feel much connection.

It’s as if we were to add one tiny dash of salt to a five-gallon pot of soup. It would be virtually undetectable.

And sadly, this is how many of us live our entire lives…virtually undetectable, almost fully disconnected.

No need to fret mon frère (or sis). There’s a simple cure!

Getting connected requires no special skill or talent.

Nor does it require a special occasion.

In fact, we’re actually always connected whether we realize or not.

We just have a habit of blocking our awareness of our connection with our personas, resistance, and defensiveness.

Just fear basically.

One of the easiest, most joyful, foolproof ways to feel our blissful connection is to simply follow and live…you guessed it…our bliss.

Just like the passionate chef, artist, musician, writer, lover, knitter, funny video maker, builder, surfer…you name it.

Not exactly brain surgery. Unless, of course, brain surgery is your bliss!

I didn’t set out to write this article in this way on this topic.

I was actually planning to write on the topic of “bliss,” funny enough.

But since I chose to go with the flow of what was being presented to me in the moment, I got to experience bliss, as well as write about it.

I blissfully enjoyed connecting with you here.

Thank you.

Now go. Connect.

This essay written and shared with love by Frank Gjata. For more about Frank click here.

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