A quote about how to get out of a bad mood - Karen Salmansohn

A quote about how to get out of a bad mood


You will continue to suffer if you allow your mood to be at the mercy of unpredictable events and unreliable people. Your joy will forever be on a chaotic roller coaster ride.Resist seeking joy from the outside in. Seek it from the inside out. Instead of counting all the ways the world has done you wrong, count your blessings instead. – Karen Salmansohn

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Karen Salmansohn (Founder)

Hi I’m Karen Salmansohn, founder of NotSalmon. My mission is to offer you easy-to-understand insights and tools to empower you to bloom into your happiest, highest potential self. I use playful analogies, feisty humor, and stylish graphics to distill big ideas – going as far back as ancient wisdom from Aristotle, Buddhism and Darwin to the latest research studies from Cognitive Therapy, Neuro Linquistic Programming, Neuroscience, Positive Psychology, Quantum Physics, Nutritional Studies – and then some.

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