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Persistence is a boring but necessary virtue. You might not think anything is changing in your career life or love life, but if you are persistent you will eventually see change. Remember! True failure only happens when you abandon your quest. Keep on questing!

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Monday, June 11, 2007

That's the first time I've done THAT in a hotel room!

Today I did my LIVE Sirius radio show of BE HAPPY DAMMIT from my hotel room here in Atlanta, where I spoke last night to a jampacked auditorium of 3,500 designers, at the fabulous HOW DESIGN CONFERENCE.

This was the first time I got to do my radio show in a bathrobe in a hotel room - and I not only liked it, but it was ultra-appropriate, since today's radio show was a LOVE SEX LOVE theme!

As for my keynote seminar last was based on my career book, BALLSY -- WAYS TO SCORE EXTREME SUCCESS -- the sequel to my big best seller HOW TO SUCCEED IN BUSINESS WITHOUT A PENIS, in which I say: "A woman doesn't need a penis to succeed. Just balls."

I also say there's "bad ballsy" and "good ballsy."

Although you might not need a penis to succeed -- you should not try doing it without a heart and brain.

Make sure while you're being ballsy, you're also being warm hearted, wise, polite, reasonable.

Unfortunately there are still many women who think that to succeed in business they have to imitate men -- and imitate stupid, obnoxious men. Not true. I believe a woman doesn't have to make a choice:

1. feminine


2. successful


You can be both.

In fact, I consider myself a "feminine-ist." I'm strong, but enjoy being all the things that make me a woman.

But I digress...

BALLSY is a book and a seminar for both men and women...which affirms that you don't need to work longer hours to succeed - just ballsier hours.

Some of its time-after-time tested techniques include:

Mom was wrong. It's okay to talk to strangers. The more people you know the luckier you will be.

Network often -- but view it as "netplaying"! Focus on having fun - rather than extracting.

Cold-call at hot times -- early morning, or after hours, when gatekeepers might not be around, and high work ethic bosses pick up their own phones!

Make sure you create your own "career pick up line" -- that one-to-two-liner which grabs and persuades. The more "remakable" you are - the more "marketable" you are.

Plus, make sure your "career pick up line" has what I call an "extrinsic" not "intrinsic" benefit!

Not only is self-branding important, but so is knowing how to find the right niche and target audience.

With this in mind, always find out what the very best chocolate is -- then get your unique peanut butter on the very best chocolate.

very best chocolate = proven money making opportunities + unmet needs

For me...

very best chocolate = billion dollar self-help book industry

my unique peanut butter = my highly-graphic and edgy-voiced self-help books for lazy, busy, smart people

Also key: Avoid places where there are too many people trying to get their peanut butter on the same exact chocolate. Make sure you find the VERY best chocolate with the hungriest target audience -- and make sure you have really unique peanut butter.


I encouraged the HOW designers to go out there and be ballsy -- but always the GOOD ballsy -- to use their new ballsy powers, for good, not evil.

When I returned to my room after dinner, one attendee had done a GOOD ballsy maneuver.

Inspired by my "chocolate/peanutbutter metaphor" she dropped off a Reese's Peanutbutter Package for me in my room -- with a well written, funny note.

I'd like to reward her for her GOOD ballsy maneuver, by telling you her name is Sally Shephard - and she's an out of the box designer/thinker with a cool site! Check it out!

And today keep in mind the words of Eleanor Roosevelt: "Every day do one thing which scares you!"

Do at least one GOOD ballsy thing today -- and feel free to write me about it here on my blog!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I attended the speech at the HOW conference and it was amazing. Karen really hit the spot for women in business. She rocks, and I look forward to begin reading all of her fabulous sounding books. Thanks Karen!!

- Jacque O'Bryan
Edgepark Medical Supplies

10:00 PM  

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